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you can unlock great adventures
and it all starts with a project

A professional life that challenges and inspires you,

Select the projects that best suits you
and your future aspirations

Screen through exciting projects

Explore the people, projects, and companies listed on our BETA Hub.

Join projects that interest you the most

Found one or more projects that excite you? Register your interest asap!

Connect with unconventional entrepreneurs

Great minds put together result into? Great Execution!

Bank your time into different projects

What is the best benefit of becoming a BETA? The opportunity to get a return on your invested time that outstrips any salary you can earn.

Test the Chemistry

Chemistry is the secret sauce of every good team. Sense check if you share the same values, vision and vibe before partnering up.

What I love about being a BETA is that

it gives me the opportunity to put my expertise and skills to use outside of my day to day, while also giving me the freedom to experiment in a new environment. I enjoy the fast paced work and agility of working with founders and enjoy being a part of building something bigger than myself, which, for me, is the most important part of being a BETA.

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Explore new projects and build your portfolio career with us

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