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you can unlock amazing talent
and grow your business

We know that the greatest asset a company has is

Select the best talent for your projects
and reward them in cash, equity or a blend of both

Partner up!

If you never thought it would be possible to partner up with the unsung heros of successful companies and institutions to help your startup scale up, you might think again. These creative, intelligent and unconventional minds are called BETAs and you find them here.

Stuck in a rut?

Ever got stuck when developing a new feature, planning your project launch, deciding what comes next as part of your marketing strategy? No need to worry anymore.

Share a piece of your pie

Imagine finding that professional who is exactly what you need to take your company to the next level. Now, imagine you can’t afford this person’s full rate. Wouldn’t it be awesome to bring them and reward them in a fair manner?

Idea hunters,

roll up your sleeves!

There is an alternative if you are the kind that likes to explore and seek out new business ideas. BETA100 displays 'sleeper projects' on institutional profiles. You can co-found those businesses and get support while doing it!

BETA100™ made the process of finding the perfect candidates streamlined

One of the most difficult things for us previously was finding people with the right skills, with the right work ethic, at the right time in their lives to commit to a startup. As a startup CEO, this is especially important to me since time is my most scarce resource.

Michael Calver - Amutri


Surround yourself with the unsung heroes of tech

Navigate as a FOUNDER

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