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The mechanics

quick step by step

first of all

Create a profile, complete the "about me" section and add a photo!

PS: When creating your BETA100 account your can choose which hat to wear first as: a Founder or as a BETA.

as a BETA

You're 04 steps away from becoming a BETA


01. Screen through interesting projects, and

02. Register your interest in one of them

03. Join a chemistry call to discuss the company's vision, project's outcomes and compensation

04. Get invited to join a project and start tracking your contribution


You're 04 steps away from joining as a FOUNDER


01. Post your minimal viable Project

02. Select potential BETAs and have a chemistry call with your Top 5

03. Invite one or more BETAs to your project and formalise that relationship

04. Kick start your project and execute against your idea!

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